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Business Strategy

Our group operations have evolved into a structure that deals with global energy markets adopting these three approaches.


1) Independently: We understand that every region of the world faces each a distinct energy challenge. So we provide sales and supply and related support through independently operating affiliates and subsidiaries, the most strategic of these we've come to identify as hubs, established or acquired with a focus to integrate our group into targeted regional markets for identifying and attending to their unique energy needs. We are open to the acquisition and development of more mid-stream assets.

2) Indirectly: The needs of customers in a domestic market are remarkably different from those of clients transacting internationally. Hence, despite smooth running of our hubs, we consolidate on market delivery by also satisfying the energy demands of customers worldwide through indirect contact. We do this in the form of sale agreements with highly valuable import clients entered into by our closely-held Geneva hub. In this regard, our subsidiary Warfarian International Trading and Supply CH (Witsch & Co) shall operate as a boutique oil trading company that will specializing in providing tailor-made risk management solutions for our fast-growing inter-

national bulk clients. This desk shall welcome import demands of just about any size. And despite having completed trades, we continue to provide a variety of support to counterparties even after assignment of risks and responsibilities.

​3) Collectively: When a collection of quality-assured associates work together, the customers’ satisfaction is most often guaranteed. Like a chain reaction of positive outcomes. Guided by this mantra, Warfarian, together with each subsidiaries and affiliates all collaborate harmoniously to leverage capacities in ensuring that we provide unparalleled solutions to the global energy marketplace.

Warfarian refers to the Mauritius company - Warfarian Energy Companies Ltd - and may refer to one or more of its member firms, each of which is a separate legal entity operating from multiple territories across the globe.

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