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Core Values: WARFI

The features of the pronghorn capture our core values WARFI as follows:

Width: The pronghorn is the world's second fastest land animal, second only to the cheetah. It can reach speeds of over 86 kilometers per hour within moments of sensing alarm. This elusive North American mammal also makes extraordinary distance runners capable of maintaining speeds of more than 86km/h for up to 4-5 minutes, and can endure sprinting at over 56km/h for hours. It is in this regard – width – they outperform the cheetah.

Attentiveness & Regularity: They are very quick to perceive the slightest of body movements from a likely predator more than 6 kilometers away, even from the rear. This is due largely to their magnificent vision, which happens to be eight times better than humans'. And when they flee, they do so in unison, highly organized and in avoidance of panic and collisions. Such levels of finesse and regularity can at best be attributed to their foresight and sprinting expertise.

Family: They move in herds that rely on and efficiently implement communication serially transmitted from one to the other. All it takes is a gently-gestured notice from a single member and the rest of the tribe flees in a heartbeat. Its fur color – brown – resonates orderliness, organization, synergy, and a heightened sense of duty and responsibility.

Integrity: Their white belly symbolises bare and unembellished truthfulness centred within life's bosoms. Integrity is vital to the herd's success. Honesty could also be deduced from their natural habitat – the open plains. Their being a very covert creature takes nothing away from this sincere nature.

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