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Volatility Management


Indegenous Integration



Our business operations originated from and continue to be centered around the trade in energy products, building upon strategic relationships with oil refiners, terminals, financial institutions, and the likes. Our traders are not merely filling orders, but passionately working round the clock to strengthen counterparties’ bottom line.
We begin by sourcing petroleum products from producers and credible third-party title holders. In the process, offering credit and technical support, also in strict compliance with financial and safety regulations respectively while implementing sales and logistical strategies.
Upon assumption of risk and responsibility, and even after subsequent reassignment, products are tracked around-the-clock by our risk managers from port of origin to discharge port. We ensure that every product, irrespective of its liquidity, is effectively hedged off volatile trends and also competitively priced. This is not all.

Our forte extends to customs liaison and an intermodal logistics network covering every part of the world. Our bottom line is defined by the application of smart production and logistical techniques perfected through economies of scale, coupled with partnerships established with local experts in the sourcing and marketing processes.


As a truly global citizen, we strive to ensure that all of our operations are geographically decentralized. During offshore lightering, we prefer to fix receiving shuttle vessels from shippers domiciled at cargo destination so long as they provide a modernized fleet. We prioritize indigenous insurance operators in the underwriting of oil and gas risks, including when supplying to emerging markets.

There are several other ways we decentralize global operations and this goes beyond outreach programs. By aligning our success with the growth of our host economies, we maximize for our markets the opportunities inherent in the supply gap that we exist to bridge.

The essence of our existence is the highly crucial need to fulfill rising global demand in a broad range of energy products, drawing strength from staff and management expertise and wealth of experience. And not only are we conscious of our carbon footprint, we are also passionately committed to the development of sustainable energy.


A vital aspect of our trading business is an emphasis on cleaner fuel specifications. Equity investing with these producers is another avenue by which we advance our green commitment. While we apparently are ambitious, we ensure that our approach remains realistic and our growth sustainable.


These and other measures keep us intertwined with the progress of several communities around the world and on tackling global environmental challenges, while simultaneously positioning us to build on reliable energy supplying. Through passion and commitment our business strategies are all made easy as ABC.

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