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Base oils are middle distillates refined from crude oil. They are used in formulating engine oils, gear oil, hydraulic oil, and greases. They also have agricultural uses, and are widely accepted in industrial, marine and mechanic oils as well as for automotive use. Unlike fuels, orders for lubes are more diverse and stringent in quality requirements. Therefore, as our track record and capacities indicate, Warfarian has always recognized the vital need to service this niche within the petrochemicals industry.

Today, we go beyond being a traditional supplier of premium base oils encompassing the complete range of viscosity properties (Groups I, II, III, IV, V). We constantly take practical measures in ensuring that our materials, whether straight cut or specially formulated, meet the unique demands of customers from various industries. Over the years we have emerged as specialists in the supply of enhanced lubricants blended with just the right levels of additives to suit various customized needs. As of now, we jointly carry out these formulations in collaboration with non-affiliated production facilities whose products we often supply under terms of exclusivity.

End-user OEMs across multiple markets and industries, whom we constantly liaise with, have found that finished materials processed from our lubricating base stock exceed their stringent requirements for modern high-performance equipment. These and other critical feedback form an essential component in our formulation process. Our range of high quality lubricants offer great yield, oxidation resistance, shear resistance, high natural viscosity index, high lubricity and film strength, compatibility with seals and hose materials, and great water resistance.

We are very confident in the quality of our products and would be so pleased to earn your business on the long term. Kindly contact us to submit your inquiry and request technical data sheet matching your specific production needs.

Products: Lubricants
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