The Group

Upon inception of the Warfarian brand in 2014, we were only a Boston sole proprietorship with interests spanning a number of merchant oil and chemicals companies. Today, we are an active participant in the midstream to downstream energy sectors also continuing as an international conglomerate of oil companies principally engaged in the supply of energy and petrochemical products worldwide. Our business activities cover the processing, transportation, storage, physical trading, and local supply of distillate to refined petroleum products, together with a variety of additives with a broad range of industrial application. During our day-to-day operations, we basically interact with and service the needs of parties involved in every aspect of the energy value chain from upstream to downstream.

Our Journey

In March 2014, Ibn’Steve Usiriedo set up Warfarian Associates in the United States, under the provisions of the Massachusetts General Laws (Chapter 110, Section 5, as amended), having its business license renewed in September 2017. This Boston sole proprietorship thereafter established Warfarian Energy Co. Ltd. on March 31st, 2017 in the Republic of Seychelles in accordance with the International Business Companies Act of 2016. Subsequently, our Boston predecessor continues to carry out administrative and non-operational functions as principal shareholder. Accounting records are kept in Boston till a re-domiciliation from the Republic of Seychelles to Mauritius is finalized by the end of the 2019 financial year. Also, till Mauritius offices are fully set up, international operations will continue to be managed from Boston while other market involvements are gradually transferred to subsidiaries being set-up and/or acquired at Geneva (Witsch & Co), Hartford (Warfarian Americas), Lagos (Warfarian Africa Co), Rotterdam (Warfarian International Co), and Singapore (Warfarian Eastern Co).

Warfarian Energy Co. Ltd.


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